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Midweek Read

The Complete Persepolis is a graphic novel, meaning it is formatted like a comic book. I have never read anything like this before and I was a little skeptical at first, but within the first few pages I knew it was going to be well worth my time. This book is a memoir of a girl growing up in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution…it was sad, enlightening, and surprisingly powerful. I say surprisingly because I never expected to be moved by simplistic pictures with captions/word bubbles. Try it out, you won’t regret it.


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Midweek Read

Let me start off by saying I almost cried at the end of this book because the ending was so beautiful. (Horses always get me emotional…) Unfortunately, by the time I got to that point my opinion of the first half had already settled in. I don’t want to scare you away, but it was mediocre…but that seems to work for a lot of readers these days. Now before you get all offended I’ll admit that I’ve read all the twilight books too…and those are sub par. Yet, we all enjoyed them! I guess the biggest problem here was it took me half of the book to find anything endearing about the characters. If I don’t love (or in some cases hate) or at least have some emotion towards the characters–something is wrong. If the characters/relationships aren’t captivating, then the story line better draw me in– and that’s not the case then the writing must be so captivating on its own that I don’t care…and that wasn’t happening either.

With that said I will admit that it picked up significantly half way through. The characters finally found their personality, the story got deeper, and I read the last 200 pages in two days…and don’t forget that image of me tearing up in my living room around midnight.

Midweek Read

So I guess what I’m trying to say is it is worth reading (especially the last half), but don’t expect a masterpiece.


I have a confession to make…I read this book last year, not last week. But I can explain! The book I chose for this week’s read was a little longer than I anticipated and I’m only half way through it. So to curb your literary appetite I looked through my stack of books and chose this beauty to share.

When I first heard that Tina Fey was writing a book I knew I had to get my hands on it. Not because she is famous, but because SNL taught me that she is above all else a cleaver writer. True to form this book made me laugh out loud more times, and in a louder timbre than you would believe. In fact, my roommate finally came into my room to find out what was so funny. Then when I finished the book a few days later she borrowed it and laughed hard and loud in her room. Now I suggest you go find yourself a copy and do the same.


Old Week Read

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Midweek Read

This week has been a doozy so today’s midweek read comes from Superstition Review–the literary magazine that I intern for and the welcomed source of my busy schedule. Over the summer I read through many of the archives available on the site (It’s Free!) and have wanted to share a few of my favorites. The first one that really caught my attention was a nonfiction piece by Laura Van Etten. I had never heard of her either, but according to her bio she just finished a novel. I don’t think it has been published yet, but when it is I intend to read it. For now, take a few minutes to read this {true} story. The very concept behind it confuses me, worries me, and ultimately moves me. Find it here.

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