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Gone Girl

What a well-written, absolutely horrible story. The plot was definitely exciting at times, but unless you enjoy reading about the most unhealthy marriage of all time I wouldn’t recommend this book. I think I could have dealt with it if the ending hadn’t been so beyond disappointing. It was also a little heavy on the swearing–which I don’t love. I’ll leave it at that in case you decide to pick it up against my wishes. (I also have a problem with any book where the Author makes their name bigger than the title.) ok I’m done.

With that said let’s end on a positive note:

Well-written, fun idea, inventive approach to narration.

Gone Girl

That’s all for now folks!

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Keeping up with the Literary Joneses

When I’m reading short stories for class or recreation I frequently read, enjoy, and quickly move on to the next. However, every once in a while I come across something that forces me to pause after I read the last line, set the book or magazine down in my lap, and exhale out a quiet and appreciative sigh for what I’ve just read. It’s a lovely moment when something someone else has written moves me enough to demand a pause in the rush of life.

Sometimes I feel so torn with all the different things I want to learn, read, and teach myself. There will never be enough time to keep up with all the literary magazines, articles, and the informational Twitter feeds! Regardless, when I do come across something truly brilliant I am reminded that I don’t need to be up to date on every literary website and author. Although it would be nice to know everything, I read and write because it is what I love; and as long as that’s still true then I am doing alright.

Remember that story that I mentioned up there–the one that made me pause and sigh? It is called “Final Dispositions” by Linda McCullough Moore , and it was published last year in The Sun Magazine.  It won a Pushcart Prize in 2011 and if you have a few minutes, don’t let this one pass under your radar. I absolutely adore it. Follow this URL and enjoy!


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