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Gone Girl

What a well-written, absolutely horrible story. The plot was definitely exciting at times, but unless you enjoy reading about the most unhealthy marriage of all time I wouldn’t recommend this book. I think I could have dealt with it if the ending hadn’t been so beyond disappointing. It was also a little heavy on the swearing–which I don’t love. I’ll leave it at that in case you decide to pick it up against my wishes. (I also have a problem with any book where the Author makes their name bigger than the title.) ok I’m done.

With that said let’s end on a positive note:

Well-written, fun idea, inventive approach to narration.

Gone Girl

That’s all for now folks!

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Among The Missing

I find Dan Chaon’s work beautifully disturbing. Although some of these stories were a little too dark for my taste, I found myself returning for more. On of the things I admired most about this collection was the interweaving, but not overbearing, connection between the stories. Each dealt with a form of absence and the consequent struggle to overcome the notions of what could have been. One of the edgier stories–and surprisingly my favorite–was “I Demand to Know Where You are Taking Me.” Although the subject matter was difficult, I was in awe at the delivery and the structure of this story. More than that, the horrific elements that drive the characters–as well as the reader–were so carefully placed and built upon. It gave me chills in the best and worst way. I probably won’t read it again because I don’t love being depressed (and I have too many books on my list!) but at the same time I am definitely glad I read it.

Midweek Read

Let me start off by saying I almost cried at the end of this book because the ending was so beautiful. (Horses always get me emotional…) Unfortunately, by the time I got to that point my opinion of the first half had already settled in. I don’t want to scare you away, but it was mediocre…but that seems to work for a lot of readers these days. Now before you get all offended I’ll admit that I’ve read all the twilight books too…and those are sub par. Yet, we all enjoyed them! I guess the biggest problem here was it took me half of the book to find anything endearing about the characters. If I don’t love (or in some cases hate) or at least have some emotion towards the characters–something is wrong. If the characters/relationships aren’t captivating, then the story line better draw me in– and that’s not the case then the writing must be so captivating on its own that I don’t care…and that wasn’t happening either.

With that said I will admit that it picked up significantly half way through. The characters finally found their personality, the story got deeper, and I read the last 200 pages in two days…and don’t forget that image of me tearing up in my living room around midnight.

Midweek Read

So I guess what I’m trying to say is it is worth reading (especially the last half), but don’t expect a masterpiece.

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