Among The Missing

I find Dan Chaon’s work beautifully disturbing. Although some of these stories were a little too dark for my taste, I found myself returning for more. On of the things I admired most about this collection was the interweaving, but not overbearing, connection between the stories. Each dealt with a form of absence and the consequent struggle to overcome the notions of what could have been. One of the edgier stories–and surprisingly my favorite–was “I Demand to Know Where You are Taking Me.” Although the subject matter was difficult, I was in awe at the delivery and the structure of this story. More than that, the horrific elements that drive the characters–as well as the reader–were so carefully placed and built upon. It gave me chills in the best and worst way. I probably won’t read it again because I don’t love being depressed (and I have too many books on my list!) but at the same time I am definitely glad I read it.


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