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A Girl Named Zippy

 I absolutely adore this book.

It’s a memoir of the author’s happy childhood in a small town and it had me smiling with every page. Although Haven Kimmel’s stories are simple, her characters are palpable and her descriptions through the eyes of a child are ingenious. I will definitely be giving it another go in a year or so..I have to if I want to learn how to write with as much flare as she does.

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{Try not to let the scary-looking child on the cover deter you–she’s hilarious!}

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Midterms are approaching over here and as a result all my reading time has been spent on Eastern-European political plays. Murder of Gonzago anyone? I could give a review on that…but then you might all fall asleep. On a more exciting note today is my birthday (The big 23) and I am going to treat myself to the anthology up there. There are some fabulous authors inside and I am excited to get a little piece from all of them. Also, I may or may not have gotten Gillian Flynn’s novel Gone Girl from my husband. I’m sooooo excited to get through that so look for it in a blog post near you. (Right here in a week or so.) Happy Birthday, everyone!

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