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I just came across this Nonfiction Contest for Graywolf Press and I’m kicking myself for not being prepared. On the other hand, I was ecstatic to discover that this is an annual contest and I already have it on my calendar for next August. What a wonderful opportunity to push myself to write, and re-write, and re-write over the next year. Even if I don’t get the prize (and this is a PRIZE) I’ll at least have 100 or more pages of a manuscript I’m passionate about and I will send it somewhere else–again, and again and again. If anyone has 100 pages of a nonfiction work, hurry and send it in! The submission period ends today.

Speaking of contests,┬áhas become my best friend. If you’re like me and aren’t prepared for the wonderful opportunity above, don’t despair. has a continuous list of contests and calls for submission from a range of magazines looking for fiction, poetry, and nonfiction works. Good luck!

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Midweek Read

This week has been a doozy so today’s midweek read comes from Superstition Review–the literary magazine that I intern for and the welcomed source of my busy schedule. Over the summer I read through many of the archives available on the site (It’s Free!) and have wanted to share a few of my favorites. The first one that really caught my attention was a nonfiction piece by Laura Van Etten. I had never heard of her either, but according to her bio she just finished a novel. I don’t think it has been published yet, but when it is I intend to read it. For now, take a few minutes to read this {true} story. The very concept behind it confuses me, worries me, and ultimately moves me. Find it here.

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